Gabriela Kropf is the lead designer and creative director at Bodee Dekor. She is smitten by all things intersecting design, functionality and beauty. What started as a childish curiosity for making wares, quickly became a passion for making jewelry. The artist was born in the beautiful country of Ecuador. Gabriela taught herself a mélange of techniques and with the influence of the local artisans she began building her own aesthetics. Selling her designs became second nature.
She likes taking classic silhouettes and give them a twist; a fresh outlook. Sensible to trends but not trendy, Bodee Dekor designs are refreshingly modern. We celebrate women, their power and femininity while embracing the nuances that make each of us special. 

We are constantly releasing new designs and run small production for each of them.  

All jewelry is designed and handcrafted with love in San Francisco, California.