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New Hoop earrings!

We are super excited to introduce our new line of hoop earrings to our shop. As a gift receive 25% discount on any hoop earrings purchase. Valid through 12/11/2014 at 12:08pm EST.

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Give the gift of these colorful and fun earrings. Your girlfriends will love them!

designed and handcrafted in our San Francisco studio

BD Living

Incorporating Music into your life

The Bodee Dekor woman knows just how important it is to incorporate music into her life. Music elevates her spirits, uplifts her reality and just plain makes mundane tasks so much better. Whether you are into classical, rock, indie or whatever genre you prefer; adding that little bit of song and feeling to your days makes your heart happier. 

For some this may be a no brainer but for others they might have forgotten about the joys of music in their everyday lives. Since our lady likes to be informed and is an avid reader, let her not forget about shaking her hips to wonderful rhythms once in a while. 

We made a list with practical ways that you can add flavor to your days through music. 

Ways to incorporate music into her everyday life:

  • While sipping tea and doing your morning reading 
  • While listening to the news
  • While getting dress for the day
  • While working out
  • While cooking 
  • While going to work 
  • While walking the dog or cat ;)
  • While taking a bubble bath and reading a magazine
  • While playing with your children
  • While drinking vino and listening to old records
  • While dancing in the living room with your special one
  • While writing in your journal
  • While having dinner

There are multiple ways to add music that inspires you. One of our favorite ways is to listen to bossanova while having a meal; its just incredibly relaxing plus slows down your eating! Different genres serve different purposes and create different moods. Nothing like classic rock to give you that sense of "i can do anything" kind of feeling. 

If you are feeling fancy, baroque music will take you into a whole new level and if you want a romantic and warm feel listen to spanish guitar. Disco music gives you that playful feel and Salsa well, it makes you dance.

The BD lady knows how to savor life and make the best of her days.

What are the ways you add musica into your lives?

We would love to know.


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Pepita's Necklace Collection is here

We are very excited our Pepita's collection is here. It features hand painted wooden bead necklaces with geometrical shapes and bright colors that bring that happy touch to any of your outfits. 

They are fun to style because they pair well with many of the current fashion staples in your wardrobe. Jean and chambray shirts, t-shirts, your classic white shirt, sweaters and boho dresses. There is a certain character that is displayed in this necklaces specially when paired with items that juxtapose their handcrafted nature such as a leather jacket. 

For a bold move, bright lipstick can elevate your entire ensemble. You can wear very simple clothing but when paired with one of our Pepita's Collection Necklaces, it takes it to a whole new level.

We decided to add an adjustable sliding knot closure using an off-white suede cord so that there is even more freedom when you style it. It can go much lower than in the picture above so that you can stack your necklaces according to your preference, or higher to add more attention to it.

This article features the first necklaces of the collection. We enjoyed the creative process of choosing patterns and colors for the designs. Stay tuned to the necklaces we are going to be releasing throughout the season and what new patterns and color combinations we come up with.

We offer limited quantities of each design we make in our San Francisco studio.





Notes from the designer


I was inspired to create a casual and versatile necklace out of my own urban necessities. I'm usually out and about running errands in the city while knowing that I wont have much time to change into a completely different outfit for a meeting later. I'm into neutrals and earth colors as of lately hence,  wanted a necklace with a simple design that will fit those requirements.

As a designer, I've always been attracted to the understated but not too understated were there's no difference. Playing with those limits in my designs is fun and keeps me exploring. Details are exciting and seeing how moving one single bead to the left or right can either make or break a design its thrilling. Designing, like any art can feel naked because you are expressing how you see the world through your own filter. 

I had fun mixing up shapes and sizes while remaining true to keeping it in the tan color family. The middle round bead gives this necklace a center of focus while the square beads gives them a nice contrast. Since versatility was a main objective, I didn't want to use too many light or dark beads but rather keep it neutral in a way.

Our Svetlana Tan Necklace pairs up nicely with chambray shirts, off-white blouses, denim dresses and any of your classic wardrobe staples. Wear it with a flirty a-line skirt and some vans for a cool and chic look, with pumps and a boatneck solid top for a day at the office or a shift dress for a dinner date. 

Designed and handcrafted with love in San Francisco.




BD Styling

Urban Chic

Our urban chic girl is ready for action. She likes to be stylish but comfortable.  She knows that when you feel great in your own skin,  it has a profound effect in your emotional and mental state. Our girl is sensitive to trends but not trendy, since she has a curator role in everything she does with her life.

Featuring our Amal Earrings, they where inspired by a beautiful and chic girl. African acrylic beads, mahogany toned teardrops and brown delica beads comprise this beautiful earrings. 

This long earrings dangle as you walk and are great with many styles from bohemian, urban, tribal and minimalist depending on your wardrobe choices. Casual enough to be worn for that coffee date and elegant enough to pair up with a blazer and be part of your work ensemble.

Delight in this distinctive earrings and have the peace of mind that you wont be wearing what everybody else is wearing. Every design is made in small batches and available for a short period of time. 

Available now,

Designed and handcrafted in San Francisco

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Modern Cleopatra


Cleopatra has always been regarded as a symbol of beauty and power. While reading about Ancient Egypt, we got the inspiration to create jewelry that evokes the very essence of such a lady. She was regarded as highly intelligent and charming. 

Featuring our Cleopatra Turquoise Earrings and our Cleopatra Turquoise Bracelet, we envision a modern day Cleopatra wearing coral pink lipstick and a classic cut off-white dress. Though she looks soft, she is very strong. She understands that femininity and strength are not mutually exclusive; she's comfortable in her own skin.

The materials used are turquoise beads with swirls of golden accents, acrylic teardrop beads in aqua blue, light blue pearls plus delica golden beads.

Pair them with a black dress and red lipstick for a night out, wear it with jeans and a peasant blouse for a delicate and warm look; regardless of choice they are sure to make you smile.

Look beautiful and ultra feminine with our Cleopatra Turquoise Earrings and Cleopatra Turquoise Bracelet and let your inner pharaoh shine.

Designed and handcrafted in San Francisco.


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She has arrived..

Our Daviana Beaded Necklace is a new addition to the bodeedekor family. Vintage inspired, this beauty is sure to add that extra oomph to any outfit. She particularly dazzles when paired with lace fabrics, chambray, jean ensembles, earth tones and whites.

Versatile, she flirts with retro as well as the modern boho style. Our Daviana Beaded Necklace is an unapologetic declaration of self-confidence and style.

Wear her to that coffee date, a walk in the park, casual meeting or movie night. Shine and express your personality with this necklace.

You are in charge, you are the boss of a unique and fashionable destiny.

Designed and handcrafted in San Francisco.


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Tassel Love :-)

Designed for the gorgeous lady seeking to add a pop of color to her outfit and dazzle with uniqueness and fun, our Yelena Tassel Necklace is here to rock your world.

Originally inspired by the astounding and natural sights of Hawaii, we decided to create a unique piece of jewelry that embodies beauty, flirtatious fun and femininity. We wanted to marry the relaxed atmosphere of the island with its colorful inhabitants. 

Our Yelena Tassel Necklace is comprised of  beautiful orange acrylic pearl beads, Swarovski pearls in jade, pink toned flower beads and a delightful embroidery floss handcrafted tassel.



This necklace is meant to be a show stopper, a bright and loud statement of confidence. Wear it with a classic summer dress, tees, chambray shirts, jeans and a light linen top. 

As always, you are in charge; you are the boss of a unique and fashionable destiny.

Designed and handcrafted in San Francisco.